> Miami - 2006


I started as a visiting critic at the University of Miami School of Architecture on August 23rd. For the next three months, I'll be posting photos from Miami and the school.

In flat, swampy Florida, the clouds are often the landscape.

My apartment in downtown Coral Gables is on the seventh floor, above the tree line, looking south towards the Dixie Highway, the ocean and the rolling clouds.

When I first got here, the skies were very clear, with big fluffy clouds. Ernesto brought more humidity in the air, and more clouds.

In the center of the top picture, you can see a building under construction that's going to transform the view. But you can still see the flat plane of the trees, the flatness of the land, and the occasional landmark piercing the tree line.

The University of Miami towers are in the distance on the right. Nearer, just out of the photo, is the tall, isolated Biltmore Hotel. Towards the left side of the photo are the tall buildings that mark the Dixie Highway and the Coral Gables station on Miami's light rail. If the photographer could turn and look in the opposite direction, he would see all the new towers in downtown Coral Gables.