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Koolhaas In Seattle


I haven't seen Rem Koolhaas's new Seattle Public Library in person. The architecture critics predictably loved it. I've liked some of Koolhaas's work, and posted a blog entry asking people who'd been to the library what they thought (the entry contains some comments and links to articles).

But I must say these very handsome photographs from the Seattle Times make it look like a vast alien mothership has landed in the middle of Seattle. The Times' caption for the second picture in the album says, "This is a public building, designed to draw you inside in part by revealing itself at night." The caption for the same view in the daytime (above) says, "The steel-and-glass Seattle Public Library seems to LOOM out over Fourth Avenue and Madison Street in downtown Seattle" [my emphasis — I think the looming must trump the welcoming].

The first picture sure makes it look as though it would be very unpleasant to walk along next to the library. And can the Reception Desk possibly seem welcoming?

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